Primary and secondary sources used in biographies were defined. I’ve already learned a lot about them in history while I analyze sources. Biographies written tend to contain a lot of secondary sources, as well as primary, that can however, be biased. Then the different methods used by companies in ads, were listed out and thoroughly explained. I found most of it accurate because I notice how some ads try to capture my attention. Take that new Pepsi commercial that features Kendall Jenner. It’s a terrible commercial that uses current global problems occurring, but since there’s a celebrity staring in it, people think it’s an amazing commercial. I mean, who can stop the violence occurring with a Pepsi, not such a realistic commercial they got there. The commercials that I think are pretty convincing are the “stop smoking” commercials. They come up with a lot of creative ways to portray the negative effects that smoking cigarettes will have in one.


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